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Ween (?), v. i. [OE. wenen, AS. wnan, fr. wn hope, expectation, opinion; akin to D. waan, OFries. wn, OS. & OHG. wan, G. wahn delusion, Icel. van hope, expectation, Goth. wns, and D. wanen to fancy, G. wahnen, Icel. vana to hope, Goth. wnjan, and perhaps to E. winsome, wish.]

To think; to imagine; to fancy.

[Obs. or Poetic]

Spenser. Milton.

I have lost more than thou wenest. Chaucer.

For well I ween, Never before in the bowers of light Had the form of an earthly fay been seen. J. R. Drake.

Though never a dream the roses sent Of science or love's compliment, I ween they smelt as sweet. Mrs. Browning.


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