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Asuka Langley Sohryu -- selected by the Marduke agency after Rei Ayanami as a suitable person. She received training at NERV's German branch, and was then posted to Japan as the dedicated pilot of Eva-02. Her falling synchronization rate caused her to lose confidence in herself and she went missing for a while, but was found and brought back by NERV agents. She was still under medical care when the JSSDF invaded NERV in episode 25' "Air".

Source: The End of Evangelion : Glossary contained within The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program.

The use of “Children” in the titles the First Children, Second Children, Third Children, is not a mistake. It should not be First Child, Second Child, Third Child; the use of “Child” is incorrect (no matter what AD Vision tries to tell you). GAINAX chose to use the English word “Children” as the identifier of the Evangelion pilots, it is not a translation mistake, it was intentional.