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I dreamed about the rapture last night. The end of the world had come, and God (and I must have been in the same universe Patsy and Edina inhabit, since She looked just like Marianne Faithfull) and I were having a pleasant conversation in an old log cabin. In the meantime, all of reality is vanishing outside, surrounding us is blinding white light that forced itself through the spaces between the logs.

God told me to wait until the last minute before accepting/surrendering/resisting the light. I recall feeling calm yet also bordering on panic watching as the timber cabin slowly ... dematerialized before my eyes.

Finally, God held my hands and said "This is it!" and a tremendous rushing noise filled my ears, like the universe's largest wave crashing on the universe's largest shore.

...and the light took me into itself.

I became light. I can't describe the sensation, so overpowering was it, and I've never ever felt anything so strongly in a dream. I was ... disassembled, and become conscious ... quanta.

It was liberating. For a brief moment, I saw infinity, and was boggled by how ... mundane it was. I saw an infinity of universes, but there were an infinite number of universes in which everything happened just as it did in another infinite number of universes. The amount of sameness in infinity was just as stunning as the vast differences.

However, I couldn't shake the exhilaration of being light or quantum foam or whatever. After briefly touring infinity, I turned to God, wanting to ask why there was so much repetition and replication.

God was no longer next to me, but was instead part of me, and I of God ... God was the light, and answered my unvoiced question in a rough, wry British accent:

"Being a scientist can be pretty boring, even at this scale. But I'm learning so much."

Then I wake up and my first waking thought, unbidden, was "Jesus, I am a fucking freak!" I've felt a little off-kilter all day as a result.