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  Cube: n typically human in
a  way that men of philosophy 
to  men of mathematics can not
and  will not argue, the sureal
cube  is enigmatic as it implies
three  dimensional perfection. It
cannot  however, be considered the
anymore  then a box, as man can not
think of  other ideas to use such an
ugly, and  above all pointless object
such as it  for all of it's perfection
is useless.  But when one goes to think
about things
 it's really  not the cubes fault, as it
  is for the  most part a shortcoming of
   the minds  own incapability to really
    conceive  the nature of things. Then
     what is  a cube whos very lines lie 
      curved  in space, and the minds of
       bards  and artists lie not in the
        cube  but in art? Imagination is
         not  free to see the perfection  
          in  anything, except things of 
           a  square or line, and all is
              lost; but only when a mind               
   Is confined to a cube.