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Hawthorne is my hometown, where I lived before I moved to Maryland in 1994.

Hawthorne is a hamlet in the town of Mount Pleasant, Westchester County, New York. Population approximately 4,764 in 1990. It is 28 miles north of New York City on the Metro North Harlem Line.

Hawthorne Circle was a traffic circle located at the junction of the Saw Mill River Parkway and Taconic State Parkway. It was demolished in the 1970s and replaced with a series of overpasses and on and off ramps.

The Gate of Heaven Cemetery is located in Hawthorne, and several famous people are buried there:

  • Fred Allen (1894-1956), comedian
  • James Cagney (1899-1986), actor
  • Bob Considine (1906-1975), writer/reporter
  • Kevin Coughlin (1945-1976), actor/writer
  • Bess (Rahner) Houdini (1876-1943), Harry Houdini's wife
  • Billy Martin (1928-1989), baseball player
  • Sal Mineo (1939-1976), actor
  • Babe Ruth (George Herman) (1895-1948), baseball player
  • Arthur Flegenheimer a.k.a. Dutch Schultz (1902-1935), gangster
  • James J. "Jimmy" Walker, (1881-1946), New York City mayor

    Dr. Issac Gilbert Graham, (1760-1848) a Revolutionary War surgeon, is buried in the Hawthorne Reformed Church cemetery.