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Verse IV

Oh walk with me Walt,
fly with my Walt,
treat me to new galaxies and worlds
and gods and devils and
let all that exists in heaven and hell
flow through me, you are my muse and
I incant you, lightning threatens from outside and in,
my brain sparks with anticipation
my neurons fire off and fire shots
machine-gun-fire across the pages of this electronic paper,
these electric tentacles will tickle you
sweetly soundly and assuredly
I will be here always,
for always is forever and
forever lasts even in a nanosecond,
I am like electrons sparking
from one place to another
while being in more than one place at a time,
I’m like Schrodinger’s cat,
I’m both dead and alive,
God created man both in seven days
and in several billion days
through monkeys and dirt,
Darwin drinks his sweet wine
and they dine upon the feasts of Demeter
and together they laugh at us poor mortals
who fight over Jesus fish and Darwin amphibians
and still do not see the truth,
the truth?