tobtoh's point about not lying doesn't just apply to totechnical support - it applies to all industries.

I used to work for a lingerie company, and we gave clear instructions that all underwired bras should be hand washed. It was amazing, the number of people who returned damaged bras, telling us they'd hand washed things when they clearly hadn't. Listen up: if the underwire pops out of a bra, it's most likely to have been caused by a washing machine. We can tell straight away how you've washed it. We're not stupid.

Similarly, there was a girl there who used to work in the hoisery department of a well-known department store, where people used to open pairs of stockings, ladder them by mistake, then return them along with some story about manufacturing faults. As above, they can tell straight away when you're lying, just by looking at the stockings.

In summary: if you don't follow the washing instructions, you don't get a refund. Don't expect us to be sympathetic.