A slack vampire is a social animal. A predator. They sap the energy out of any fun social gathering. Oftentimes they don't realize what they are. Sometimes they want to be the life of the party and so interrupt all the people who were already injecting life into the party. Sometimes they just sit in a corner of the room and brood. Some people call them wallflowers but there's a difference between a wallflower and a slack vampire. Wallflowers watch what's going on around them and enjoy it. They're like trying to jump onto a carousel that's already going and they can't find the right place and time to hop on. Slack vampires try to get the festivities to go at their speed, even though everyone else is already comfortable with the speed things are going.

There are not many things one can do with a slack vampire. Some people try to find a way of becoming a conduit, to bridge the strange intangible gap between the slack vampire and the rest of the party. They mistake the slack vampire for a wallflower and try to be helpful, but the slack vampire just ruins the fun for everyone else no matter what they do. Whether they mean well or not, they just can't change, and accomodate the others.

If you're very observant, you can tell when a slack vampire enters the room. The lights in the room will dim very slightly. It's real subtle, but with practice you can see it. Then you'll know.