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Contrary to popular belief, Desire is not personified in such a way as to insure immediate love and adoration for anyone as soon as they see him/her. S/He can chooose to encourage such a response if s/he so desires to do so. However, who would want such attention all the time? It gets tiresome. S/he can turn it on and off at whim and will.

Desire is one of The Endless as depicted in Neil Gaiman's popular and critically acclaimed comic book series The Sandman, and a personification of concepts and ideas and presences in the universe that have existed since before mankind dreamt of gods and will exist long after the last god has died. Appearing in the story as an hermaphrodite this was a way of avoiding the whole sexual thing by attacking it directly. Desire can be desirous to everyone at all times, but this is metaphorical of the very essense of desire: you can't always get what you want and when you do get it you often find it's not at all what you had in mind.

His/Her brothers and sisters are Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Delirium and Despair. S/he tends to be closest to Despair, but that is probably because they used to be twins. Well they still are, sort of. It's also because Desire finds Despair the easiest to manipulate. Destruction refuses to talk to Desire and has refused for many centuries, since he quit his job as a member of the Endless, no longer having any desire to keep up his own facade. His/her relationships with the other siblings in the Endless are often two-tiered. There's a false front of security and general concern for their well-being, but usually s/he's often conniving behind their backs, trying to achieve more than his/her share, or just opting to insure people get what's coming to them. S/he's incredibly egocentric, wholly amoral, and participates in Narcissism disguised as introspection. S/he wouldn't know sincerity if it married him/her and bore his/her children. In fact, it probably has.

Desire enjoys his/her place in the universe entirely too much, believing it to be the center of the universe, and if s/he's not, well it should be! S/He really knows how to throw some mean parties.