A term used to describe contractors normally by contractors. It means that you will perform any technical trick requested of you no matter how inane. If the PHB wants it then who cares, your career is not on the line since you don't have a career, merely another 2 months left on your contract. If they want a method of refreshing ten test databases that they will never use from one they don't use at the moment then you do it, you don't point out the obvious madness in it.

It is actually a fairly intelligent response to most office politics when you are contracting. You have no real influence and can easily be gotten rid of. To stick your head out from the sand and voice a strong opinion on something that is non-technical is simply to get shot by one side or the other. If you tell them a technical fact then in the end you can only be judged on the right or wrong of it.

Overall its best just to dance to whatever tune they play and do your best to make sure that whatever bizarre requests they make are implemented as best as they can be. It sounds frustrating but if you like just doing the techie bits and not being involved in office politics then its fine.