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Me and she were in a hotel room getting champagne, strawberries and sexy together. Rolling around and kissing, teasing a little with toungues and touches. We weren't used to each other so it was all a little explore, not too far, not far enough. Getting it right with someone new always takes a little time, but it's time well spent and a good time to enjoy the new, the less obvious. Finding out about her, and you.

Some tunes playing out the small speakers I had in the room, the champagne kicking in and everything getting that much more direct, more vigorous, closer to the point. We're stripped down now, tongues are exploring other parts, new places. Fingers free to caress, tickle a little, grip just almost too tight, not tight enough, still learning.

"I like getting down and dirty in a hotel room, it has a nice feel to it" I said.
"I dunno, I get a little freaked out somehow, I always feel as though there might be someone watching, I mean there could be cameras behind the mirror or something."
Me, laughing a little, "What, do you think we're being filmed right now then? Maybe I'm going to make videos out of this, its all a setup"
"We might be...for all I know you, you could have...", giggles a little, "I'm being silly, but anyway, how come you aren't working this weekend."
"Just taking a bit of time off, we go live this weekend and I thought it'd be nice to be here with you instead of being the one who had to be in the office"
A sharp look comes across her face and she draws back from my touch, "What do you mean 'go live'?"
"I mean, in the work, we go live in my office this weekend"
"In your OFFICE? What the hell is 'go live in your office' meant to mean?"
"The computer installation I've been working on, it gets released to the users this weekend, thats what we call 'go live' in computer terms"
She laughs a little and holds me closer, "God, for a second there I thought you really did have a camera in here and we were being broadcast live in your office."
"Silly, don't be so paranoid" I smiled and pulled her close.

After all, a webcast reaches a lot further than just my office, but now probably wasn't the right time to point that out.