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I had another night of odd dreams, but only one part stands out in my head very clearly.

I was walking down a street in a small town, and I passed an ice cream parlor. It was dingy, and the front window was broken, but people were lined up inside getting ice cream and candy. There were huge lollipops in the window display, and someone was arranging them in a rainbow.

I entered a store further down the street, and everything in it was blue. The walls, floor, shelves, and ceiling were a medium blue color similar to my sheets. The shelves were full of white boxes that were labeled with their contents. I got a box of marshmallow cookies, and walked into the cafe that happened to be attached to it. The cafe had a white and brown color scheme.

I sat down and started eating cookies until I had marshmallow all over my hands, face, and arms. I looked up with my mouth full of cookies, and saw Drew Barrymore. She did a few kicks like in the Charlie's Angels previews, then turned around and stared at something across the room. I looked across the room as well, and there were some zombies from Night of the Living Dead. They were all saying "brains... brains...." like they do in the movie. Then Drew turned around, and she was a zombie too. I got up and started walking out of the cafe and back out into the street.

Suddenly, I was in a maze, and there were zombies all around me trying to grab me, and chanting "brains... brains...". I wasn't scared, just annoyed at all these stinky zombies trying to grab me. I pushed them out of the way, and kept walking. The zombies kept getting louder and louder, and I kept walking and pushing them out of the way. The maze didn't seem to end. My alarm went off then, and I woke up.