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The perfect collection of Work Tunes. Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise is rocking currently. Radiostorm.com, check it out.

It's a shoutcast station so you'll need WinAmp or similar to listen. It's eclectic enough to not get boring, but predictable enough to know I am gonna rock out and enjoy it when ever I listen.

ok, we just switched to No Doubt - Underneath it All. see what I mean about eclectic. I write Perl code to this, I work to this, I watch TV to this (TV without the sound to a Radiostorm: Alternative soundtrack is truely an experience). Its the sound track to my life almost.

I must warn you, it does tend to repeat about once a week occasionally. Wednesdays makes up for that, Fret and Stoney have a live show on Wednesday afternoons. Very cool stuff.

Close out with Eighteen - Home Town Hero. Radiostorm: Alternative and Mountain Dew, two of the fabrics of life.