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Created in March of 2012, @Coffee_dad is a dark novelty twitter account with a simple premise: the owner of the account is a dad who sure loves his coffee.

The majority of posts are simple, and not usually in complete or grammatically correct sentences, as per the usual on Twitter.

"getting coffee#"
"nice sunday coffee"
"its coffee time"

And so on. For months on end, those will be the kinds of posts coffee_dad makes. The dark humor element comes from the 1% of posts that aren't about coffee.

"coffee time"
"getting coffee#"
"making coffee"
" It is time for them to pay for what they have done."
"drinking coffee"


making #coffee
made my coffee
This holiday season, remember to cherish what is truly important. I miss you with every part of me, my Christmas Angel. Rest In Peace.
having some #coffee


"little coffee"
"All the Love in my life is gone."
"coffee time

Not much is known about the story of Coffee_Dad. He loves coffee He was a dad, with the operative word being was. Through the tweets, the audience can piece together the tragic story behind Coffee_Dad's deceased son, and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Coffee_Dad's son was killed in a motorcycle accident, and he isn't taking it well, as seen in tweets like:

"I am severely depressed and I don't know what to do. Some days I can not even get out of bed. Some days I miss him so much I want to die."


"The warmer months means motorcycles are back on the road. Please do not take a single second of your life for granted. Rest gently, my baby."

As of this writing, Coffee_Dad's last post was in July of this year. This isn't the first time Coffee_Dad has taken a hiatus, though normally they don't last quite this long. We can only hope that Coffee_Dad hasn't finally succumbed to his crushing grief, and has instead found happiness away from Twitter, away from coffee, and away from the shadow of his dead son.