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Try to improve the coverage of relevant, interesting analytic philosophy.
Philosophy (but IANAFQP, I Am Not A Fully Qualified Philosopher); easy mathematics that requires no numeracy; Lego; spelling.
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"Christ on a bike!" (Is that a motto? I'm not sure.)
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Space Hulk
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Timezone/Location: UK - but for sleep purposes, Hong Kong.
Work: Ich bin Student. But I can also teach you first-order predicate logic (now with identity™!)
Hobbies: Being crap at basketball, crap at squash, and crap at table football. Delusional work-avoidance. This is more of a chore than a hobby since exams began looming :(

I harbour a pathetic wish to know everything, but console myself with the thought that if knew even one thing of note, the resulting boost to my ego would make me an insufferable bastard. I am not serious. Do not approach me sincerely.

Interested in Space Hulk? I thought so.

I'm on the Jabber: zirtix (at) amessage (dot) de

Have a geek code, for geek I be:

Version: 3.1
GP d-@ s: a-->? C+++>++ UL++ !P L+++ E---(-) W+++ N+ o? !k w---$ !O !M PS++ PE-@ 
Y+() PGP+>++ t! 5 X@ R tv(+) b+++>++++ DI++> D+ G-- e++>+++ h+>- r++ y++*