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In the past, UNIX workstation manufacturers like Sun and SGI used to have really nifty cases for their machines, like the pizzabox enclosure, and the lunchbox as well (notably used in the SPARC Classic). These days, all that seems to come out of these companies is boring cases that look much like those you'd buy a PC in. I mean, the Sun Ultra 10 looks just like a PC; if it didn't say "Sun" on it, you'd probably confuse it for one!

I want to see the pizzabox chassis return. It was so nifty to be able to buy a powerful computer in a compact, flat enclosure that would slip neatly under your monitor. Yes, it's a relatively unimportant detail... But when spending thousands of dollars on a computer, shouldn't it look cool?

My vote for the coolest pizzabox style chassis ever goes to the SGI Indy. I STILL want to get my paws on a complete SGI Indy, simply because they look so damn awesome.