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OK, from the guy who brought you The Space-Time Continuum is NO Toy!, brings you a Time-Space theory, well, more like a time theory.

Ok, T.V. shows and movies have depicted man being able to move and walk and just do anything when time is stopped. You know, like Star Trek, and even an old Duck Tales episode where the boys get a hold of Gearloose's time stopper. Ok, Duck Tales will be my victe... I mean example.

Ok, so time has stopped, and you can move and do mischief to all. So you do and time begins again and all the things happen all at once. Well, thats how they depict it on T.V.

My theory is this. Man is matter. Time has stopped. When time is stopped, matter doesn't move. Is one moves when time is stopped, then he will begin to take up more and more space. Like 'speed spears' when you drive really fast or something. But when you begin to move, you leave images. Wiggle your finger, "Look ma, my finger is everywhere!"

Yes it's kind of confuzin', but if you think about it, it works. Time doesn't move, so where you were 10 seconds ago, you will still be there. Kinda like a computer mouse trail that won't go away, because the time hasn't passed in order for it to go away.