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I am more than the sum total of my medications.
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November 4, 2001
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I am not in favor of vengeance at any cost. Nor am I in favor of security at any cost.

Nor am I in favor of peace at any cost.

My boyfriend suspects that E2 is a cult that I've joined. I think this is hilarious.

If you would like to /msg me, feel free to send them to Ewin. That is also me.

I set up the Ewin user so that people would not have to count the Z's.

Before the chorus of protests about "You shouldn't have chosen such a difficult name to begin with," starts up, let me assure you that it was not a whim, nor intentional perversity. Zzzzzzippp is my name online. It's been my name online for years now. It's even developed a small cult following among some of my friends. The name had its own self-appointed Paladin for a while, which is more than I can say for me! :)

I am a former student of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Oracle (member of the High Council) of the Cult of The SHAFT (our motto: we're only halfway joking). http://www.shaftnet.org

I collect rocks. If you like me a lot, send me a rock. Preferably a shiny one. Or you can e-mail me a picture of a rock. Preferably a shiny one.

Send dustfromamoth letters, please. Handwritten. And pretty words.

I have a terrible tendency to sound very arrogant when I write/node/whatever. I am not an arrogant person. I am trying to do better, so bear with me. I also have a very strange sense of humor, and that is not likely to change, so no point in being sorry for it.

Oh, and I work for a wonderful company called Holnam Inc., as a Sales Office Assistant (interpret that title how you like). Our website is at http://www.holnam.com . We sell cement, and have many dozens of different colors of brick mortar. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me why "cement" does not mean "concrete".

Thank you.