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Azure Monk: Don't get me wrong, it's a REALLY good node (you obviously know more about the game than 99% of the people on battle.net) but it's not really factually correct. Ah, let me nit-pick it...

The "Unbalanced" and "Low Quality" sections were accurate (except for the part about all non-cookie-cutter characters being crippled -- have you even tried one? Some of them are fairly easy -- it's more a case of the cookie-cutter characters being OVERpowered.) The "Buggy" section, however...

A lot of those bugs were already fixed by patch 1.04. That patch had been released for a while when you wrote the node (It was also the patch that fixed undroppable items, BTW).

Damage mods on bows do not work.
That is wrong in two ways.
  1. All damage mods aren't affected by the bug. Only damage mods that add damage by a percentage are not working. Mods that add elemental damage, maximum damage or minimum damage work properly on bows.
  2. This bug was fixed in patch 1.04.

Guided Arrow: This skill's +damage is not applied. Shots at all levels do 95% damage.
Fixed in patch 1.04.

Strafe: This skill's damage is applied on top of all other bonuses.
Fixed in patch 1.04.

Evade: "Evade Lock" can occur when attacked by Diablo's LBOD.
This cannot occure only when attacked by the LBOD. This can (and will) happen every time you are attacked many times rapidly in a row. LBOD is just the most common reason this happens, as it deals 25 separate attacks per second. However, if you are swarmed by lots of monsters that attack fast, you can experience evade-lock then too.

Penetrate: Penetrate applies strangely to non-bow weaponry.
Nope. It applies perfectly normal to all non-bow weaponry. It does, however, apply strangely to BOW WEAPONRY (and crossbow too, for that matter). When used with a bow, it gives 2x the bonus it should give.

Blood Golem: The Blood Golem absorbs a percentage of any monster it attacks' TOTAL hitpoints, not the damage done by the attack. This makes necromancers more or less invincible.
Fixed in patch 1.03.
However, another bug that you DIDN'T mention with Blood Golem is the BG/IM bug. You see, a Blood Golem steals 33% of the damage it inflicts back as life. However, if a monster attacking it is cursed with Iron Maiden (a skill that makes the monsters take damage whenever they hit things), he will steal 33% of the damage dealt by Iron Maiden, too. This can make a Blood Golem literally INVINCIBLE vs. physical melee attacks. Oh, and it'll make your necromancer get lots of HP too in the process.

Many effects, especially the sorceress' attacks, are drawn twice to everyone but whoever cast them. Even in single player, attacks like the Vampire class monsters' meteors are drawn twice. The result is huge framerate slowdown.
Some nits:
  • It's not MANY EFFECTS. It's fires and hydras. That's TWO effects.
  • They are drawn twice to the caster, too.

Many unique items list "increased attack speed" among their attributes, but about half of these increase attack speed by 1% rather than the 10% - 30% they should.
Fixed in 1.04.

Monsters have four times the AR they are listed to have in the data files. This wouldn't be a problem, but the character screen calculates your defense based on the data file values, not the real values. The result is a number that basically does not correlate to your actual chance to be hit.
Fixed in 1.04.

Spell effects radiate out from the player in a four-pointed star shape, not a circle. The result is that most area effect skills actually cover an area three times larger than they should, and extend very far to the N, S, E, and W, but only 'normal' distances to the NE, NW, SE, and SW. Static Field and Auras are examples.
Fixed in 1.04.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, comes a lot of bugs that Azure Monk DIDN'T write about.
  • Bugged Barbarian skills:
  • Bugged Amazon skills:
    • All spear skills except Jab, Fend and Impale are miserably worthless. They are downright pointless. Thus, spearazons only have 3 viable attack skills. Whoohoo.
    • Freezing Arrow inludes all physical damage from the bow in the cold splash damage.
    • Valkyries get more HP when more players join a game, just like monsters do.
  • Bugged Necromancer skills:
    • If you cast Dim Vision on some monsters when they're in the air (Monsters that can jump or the Bog monsters from Act III), there's a chance they'll be unhittable when the curse wears off.
  • Bugged Paladin skills:
    • Fist of the Heavens' Holy Bolt damage can't heal you nor your party members.
    • Sometimes when you Charge enemies, their life will be reduced to 1, and then they'll turn invincible.
  • Bugged Sorceress skills:
  • If you have several items on your body adding poison damage, the poison damage will stack in a very odd way, giving you WAY too much damage. With good equipment, you can get about 250-300 poison damage per hit with your weapon. That's the only way to make poison remotely useful, too.
That being said, I just wish to state for the protocol that Diablo II is my favourite game, and that I play it more than any other game I have. =)