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Scenario for paintball or airsoft that mimmicks a very delicate military situation. One player is designated as a pilot who has crash landed in enemy territory. The other players are divided into two teams: one tries to rescue the pilot while the other must eliminate him.

The pilot should have limited ammo for this scenario, probably twenty rounds or less. It would also add more dimension to the game if the pilot could only carry a pump marker. The pilot is released into the game area first to find a place to hide. The enemy team can leave the start point 5 minutes after the pilot, and the friendly team starts after another 5 minutes. If the friendly team manages to find the pilot, they must escort him back to their base


The enemy team will have the best chance of winning if they split into two groups: one looks for the pilot while the other tries to keep the friendly forces occupied. As for the good guys...well...its a tough job! Find a pilot who knows how to bury himself in the woods and stay there! Try adding some two-way radios to the mix, too.