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Order in Chaos

born: 1976, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

500th node (June 2, 2000) - tuberculosis (for which I had a lecture earlier that day)

1000th node - ? hmm .....

Nowadays I contribute to wikipedia. See

Send me a postcard and get one in return. /msg me for my address. So far, I have received postcards from and sent postcards to:

Nodes I'm proud of:
HOWTOs on Everything
(well, until I gave up the upkeep and had bones transfer it to the everyone account...) My contributions to the Human Anatomy
Eight Myths of Economic Globalization

Nodes of mine chosen for the Page of Cool:

blood pressure cooled by Rancid_Pickle (July 28th, 2001)
pregnancy test cooled by knifegirl (July 13th, 2001)
Wilson's Disease                                       cooled by ToasterLeavings (December 13th, 2000)
HeLa cells                                             cooled by Tem42 (date?)
Psychiatric Disorders                                  cooled by Tem42 (date?)
Lessons on human behavior from the Sydney Olympics     cooled by sensei (September 22nd, 2000)
Eponymous Diseases Metanode                            cooled by Sylvar (September 14th, 2000)
Eponymous anatomical structures                        cooled by discofever (September 13th, 2000)
Atrocities in the Bible                                cooled by discofever (September 2nd, 2000)
Eponymous Syndromes Metanode                           cooled by sensei (August 30th, 2000)
durian                                                 cooled by hatless (July 10th, 2000)
HOWTOs on Everything                                   cooled by sensei (July 10th, 2000)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases metanode                 cooled by dem bones
Kaposi's sarcoma                                       cooled by pingouin

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