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I sometimes worry that I think too much.

That my brain is trapped in a loop of scattering patterns, and if i could just focus, I could solve the world's problems.

An Example of Madness:

Bottled Water. I remember the first time I saw bottled water. It was a 20 liter jug that my uncle made me drag up a hill from the dock to his cottage. It blew my pragmatic little mind. We just took a boat across A MASSIVE POOL OF FRESH WATER to haul this special water up a hill. hmmm.

This naturally leads me to think about other things I never expected to see on a store shelf. I suppose it is just the little northern community that I grew up in. Excess is luxury.

I bet you couldn't sell a bag of crap. I can. I can get good money for it. Impossible? If you can sell a bottle of water that ran out of a rock, I can sell a bag of crap. Manure makes people lots of money.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. A bag of firewood can fetch you a fistful of dollars, while in the bush, you would be lucky to get $20 bucks for 3 truckloads. People will just get their own.

A cattle farmer would never buy manure.

A bag of cedar shavings won't sell at a lumbermill.

Scrap metal is big business. The car you pay to get towed off gets bought for scrap. Ah the middle man.

I want to find the next big garbage demand. I can have a fleet of trucks sweeping masses of waste from the country where it is reviled, to the city, where it is worshipped. Think of the money I could have if only recycling was my idea.

Yup. I think too much.