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Kang the Conqueror is a supervillain who first appeared in Marvel Comics Avengers #8, after a previous appearance in Marvel Comics Fantastic Four #19 as Rama Tut.

Kang is one of the most confusing characters ever to grace the pages of a Marvel Comic. Kang is/was/ and will be a citizen of Earth from an alternate future. Born in the 30th Century, long after Earth had become a peaceful and tranquil world, young Kang was painfully bored. After watching recordings of the exciting past, Kang began to travel through time, seeking excitement and adventure. Thrilled with his new experiences, and in typical megalomaniacal style, Kang began his quest to rule Earth throughout all time. This is the key to why Kang is so hard to follow. Alternate times and alternate Kangs are constantly being created and destroyed through his actions. Kang has even met himself on many occasions, often in direct conflict with his own goals! Various Kangs have taken different names and roles, and Kang himself has fought against them. Kang himself has recognised this strange situation, and created a "Council of Crosstime Kangs", at which various versions of himself met and plotted the quest to conquer all Earths. Even more confusing is the fact that Kang has "died" on several occasions. In Avengers #143 he destroyed himself rather than lose to Thor. Three separate Kangs died in Avengers 267-269. Truly, Kang is an eternal problem!

A list of aliases is essential to understanding Kang. The first and current Kang is known as the Conqueror of Time. In his first meeting with the Fantastic Four, in which he was ruling over Ancient Egypt, he was called Rama-Tut. A mad Kang once called himself Fred for a time. He started a 20th century company under the alias Victor Timely, and for a time renamed himself the Scarlet Centurion. His son also called himself the Scarlet Centurion, long after Kang gave up the name. Finally, a version of Kang that acts as an independent villain is called Immortus. Immortus and Kang have often fought against each other, leading to even more confusion. A really good example of "know your enemy, know yourself"!

What is generally consistent with all versions of Kang is the fact that he does not have any powers beyond his futuristic technology. He wears full body armor, in fetching green and purple, with a strange blue faceplate. This armor has many different devices, like a forcefield and blaster gauntlets. Kang is also rarely found without a fantastic future weapon or tool, like the Growing Man android or a raygun. His method of traveling through time varies. Often, he uses a time-ship, but several Kangs have used devices, and some even the armor itself.

The Many Many Histories of the Conqueror of Time

Bored with the peace and tranquility of 30th century Earth, Kang became obsessed with the exciting past. While doing genealogical research, he uncovered the plan for and remains of a time machine in the ruins of his ancestor's property. Repairing the ancient device, Kang built a ship in the form of a giant Sphinx and set off to conquer Ancient Egypt with his technology.

Kang easily installed himself as leader, taking the title of Pharaoh Rama Tut. He ruled Egypt for many years until being discovered by the Fantastic Four during their time traveling adventures. They defeated the usurper and Kang fled back to the future. He had had his first taste of power and excitement from the past. He renamed himself to Kang the Conqueror and began his mad quest.

Kang plotted his return, and after dubbing himself the Scarlet Centurion, he set about conquering 20th century Earth. The Avengers, who had traveled back in time to 1945, split the timeline when Kang meddled with their time machine. Using mind control he set the Avengers from both timelines against each other. They eventually turned against him and repaired the split, causing Kang to flee to the future in haste again.

In his hurry, Kang overshot his target time and he found himself in the war-torn 40th century. Kang conquered the declining civilization. From this shattered Earth, he set about taking over space, which quickly fell under his influence. Bored again and dissatisfied with the weak planet he ruled, Kang again set his sights on the 20th century. He hatched a new scheme but before long, he was thwarted by the Avengers. He fled back to the 40th century, vowing revenge. Kang then extended his conquests into other dimensions, acquiring strange and fantastic weapons with which to get his revenge.

During a battle with the Avenger Thor, Kang was cast into the dimension of Limbo. It was here that Kang found machines left behind by Immortus, a Kang of an alternate time. This was also where he discovered that his adventures through time had created many alternate versions of himself. He studied these alternate Kangs, learning their methods and achievements. One created Chronopolis, a fortress within a limbo-like dimension. Another sought to make the Celestial Madonna his bride. Learning from himself, Kang set about creating a "Council of Crosstime Kangs" in order to organize his multiple selves and to give him the opportunity to kill them. All the Kangs died at the hands of the original, save one.

Immortus, a future incarnation of Kang, confronted him. In the ensuring battle Kang grabbed the Psycho-globe, a device that Immortus used to rule over all Limbo. The globe flooded Kang with the memories of all his alternates. After going mad, Kang fled into Limbo.

In order to escape Limbo, Kang deliberately caused a divergence, creating a new Kang. One Kang returned to Chronopolis to recuperate. The other Kang, still quite mad, dubbed himself Fred. Fred unwittingly discovered another Council of Cross-Time Kangs, composed of beings who defeated Kang and adopted his methods. They where in the process of acquiring a weapon of ultimate destruction, and after involving the Avengers in the ill-fated plot to acquire it, Fred was forever lost in the time stream.

The remaining Kang tried to accomplish the unfinished goals of the alternate Kangs. Kang, seeking to kill two birds with one stone, used Mantis, now the Celestial Madonna, in a quest to acquire the ultimate weapon, the quest which had doomed Fred. The Fantastic Four foiled this renewed attempt, so Kang once again turned his attention to his chronological empire. For many years, Kang popped up in search of adventure. He sought to acquire the Cosmic Cubes, not for his own, just for the challenge.

During this time, Kang also meddled with the timeline in order to remake history in his image. He traveled into the 1930's and founded Timely Industries. The company littered the early 20th century with advanced technology, making all sorts of fantastic creations possible. It also saw a hand in the creation of the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. Professor Horton, creator of the Original Human Torch had worked for Timely Industries. Timely Industries components have turned up in other places too, like Doctor Doom's time machine, and the Bolivar Trask's Sentinel robots.

Kang once again became restless and bored. He returned to his previous role as Rama-Tut. It was at this point that he resolved to free himself from his future, breaking the cycle of events that would see him become Immortus. Kang had discovered that Immortus was destined to become a became a pawn of the Time-Keepers. In order to deny Immortus, Kang set about to destroying his own empire. Kang also destroyed his ability to create alternate versions of himself at will, in order to remain the one true Kang. A war raged as the two villains sought to destroy each other.

Immortus eventually captured Kang's Forever Crystal, the key to keeping Chronopolis at the center of all time. Chronopolis was destroyed and Immortus and the Time-Keepers made massive changes to the timeline. The Avengers, seeing time being changed sought to stop Immortus. To order to destroy Kang, the Time Keepers tried to merge Immortus and Kang into one. Kang's will prevented the merger and this caused Immortus to permanently split from Kangs future. Having denied his own future Kang escaped with his victory.

After his success in defeating Immortus, Kang began to ponder his legacy. Always concerned with is control over time, Kang recognised that even he may not live forever. He decided that he would pass his empire to his child. In typical Kang style, he scoured his empires for the perfect bride, and sent her into the past to bear his child. When Kang deemed him ready, his son Marcus assumed the mantle of the Scarlet Centurion, one of Kang's previous identities.

The pair soon turned their attentions back on the 20th Century. After destroying the UN Building in New York, Kang declared war on Earth. Those that rose up to fight with him and his son where promised power and riches. The Avengers fought across the world to try and keep order. Thus the Kang War began!

The Avengers struggled against Kang's forces worldwide. One abortive attack saw Kang gain control of a squadron of Sentinels, which he used to destroy Washington D.C.! The campaign proved to be Kang's most successful assault on the 20th century. With the destruction of Washington, the Avengers capitulated and surrendered the United States to Kang's control. The Avengers that had plagued him for so long where finally in his clutches.

After the fall of America, the rest of the world quickly followed. Most of the world's superheroes where captured and held in camps scattered around the globe. Only two small forces of Avengers remained. Ultimately they would prevail, aided by the treachery of the Scarlet Centurion. The Centurion had fallen in love with the Avenger Warbird, and he aided her group in capturing the base of the Master of the World, another supervillain. The Master's base provided the Avengers with the means overthrowing Kang. Kang knew of his son's betrayal, and confronted him about it. The Centurion lied to his father. In the moment of his defeat, he commanded his son to assume his role as Emperor of Earth.

The Scarlet Centurion defied his father, not understanding that Kang was pleased with his accomplishments. He had finally conquered the time that had caused him so much strife. He had cowed the mighty Avengers into surrender and he set his son in place to carry on his greatest quest. The weary Kang was content to rest in the prison the Avengers had him locked away in. Marcus rescued his father, and urged him to raise again against the Avengers. Kang confessed that controlling this time was not his goal this time. He intended the war to be a test for his son, to start him on his way to fulfilling Kang's dream. The betrayal and the rescue had sealed the Centurion's fate. Kang deemed him an unworthy heir, and killed him. With a great weariness, He then placed the Scarlet Centurion's body among the many other failed Centurions that littered his citadel and set about his next mad scheme. Where and when he will appear again is a mystery.

Who dares defy the Mighty Kang, Master of Time?

Kang is first and foremost an Avengers foe. The first team of heroes to meddle with his plans where the Fantastic Four during his earliest adventure as Rama Tut. The mighty Thor caused one Kang to commit suicide rather than submit, and he has been tousled with many of the heroes of the Marvel Universe at various times.

Ruling all time is not for the weak.

Make no mistake, Kang is evil. As befitting a supervillain, he has done some pretty nasty things. He killed his own son, the Scarlet Centurion, when he didn't meet his expectations, probably many many times. One blew up the Avengers Mansion using a nuclear weapon; others have meddled with time rifts and annexed entire centuries. He has destroyed Washington D.C., and ruled as an absolute dictator in a thousand times and places. But it always comes back to his one driving desire: total domination of Earth for all time. The question is, how many worlds and times can he conquer?