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The Kingdom of the Outlands (aka The Outlands) is, in the Society for Creative Anachronism, the twelfth oldest kingdom in the Known World. The kingdom is bounded on the west by Atenveldt and Artemesia, on the north again by Artemesia, on the east by the Midrealm, Calontir, and Ansteorra, and to the south by Argonia, which is populated by no SCA group (and to which we have the rightful claim, anyway).

In modern terms, it comprises the states of New Mexico, most of Colorado, parts of Wyoming, parts of Nebraska, and the Elspeth and Hudson counties of Texas. The Outlands also has a recognized claim to the lands south, namely Central and South America, known as Argonia, although there are currently no active groups there.

In these Current Middle Ages, the Kingdom of the Outlands is made up of2:

  • the Baronies of
  • the Shires of
    • Aarquelle (Pueblo, CO)
    • Caer Galen (Boulder, CO)
    • Caer Mithin Halle (Carlsbad, NM)
    • Drygestan (Santa Fe, NM)
    • Duthaich Beinne Aird (Laramie, WY)
    • Fontaine dans Sable (Farmington, NM)
    • Gleann Medonach (Roswell, NM)
    • Hinterland (Scottsbluff and Gering, NE)
    • Kahlland (Hobbs and Lovington, NM)
    • Loch Thioram (Deming and Silver City, NM)
    • Nahrun Kabirun (Las Cruces, NM)
    • Northwolde (incipient)1 (Rozet, WY)
    • Plattfordham (Casper, WY)
    • Rio de las Animas Perditas (incipient) (Durango, CO)
    • Scorpions Hollow (Portales and Clovis, NM)
    • Valley of Light (incipient) (Artesia, NM)
    • White Mountain (Alamgordo, NM)
    • Windkeep (Cheyenne and Warren AFB, WY)
  • the Cantons of
    • Bofharrach (within Unser Hafen) (Greely, CO)
    • Hawks Hollow (within Caerthe) (Westminster, Thornton, Commerce, and Northglenn, CO)
  • the Colleges of
    • Blaiddwyn (within al-Barran) (UNM, Albuquerque, NM)
    • Saint Golias (NMT, Socorro, NM)
    • Scholla Metallorum (incipient) (School of Mines, Golden, CO)
    • Tygre's Keep (within Dragonspine) (Colorado College, CO)
    • Venerable Bede (incipient) (within Dragonspine) (University of CO, CO)
The arms of the Kingdom of the Outlands are3: Vert, a stag argent, attired and unguled, salient from between the boughs of a laurel wreath, in chief a Saxon crown, all within a bordure embattled Or.
1 Here, incipient means a group which has enough people to form a group, has officers, and has been recognized by the Crown, but is not yet a full, official group. They are under the guidance of another, established group until the Crown elevates them. (At least, that is my understanding)
2 Last updated 2002-01-08
3 (In non-heraldic terms: on a green background, a white stag with gold antlers and hooves, leaping from between the boughs of a gold laurel wreath, a golden Saxon crown (a plain-ish one) above the stag and the laurel wreath, and then everything inside a gold border that looks like the embattlements on a castle.)