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Real name: Anders Ellenshøj Andersen.

Location: Denmark.

Member of: e2nordic.


Finally made lvl 2 with Huey Lewis and the News.

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Catbox randomness

<amnesiac> BBC headline: Man found dead in flat. Copy of Denmark's Broadcasting Standards Commission Annual Report found inserted into arsehole. Police are looking for leads.
<andersa> All loquacious radical ideas about the catbox.. Erhmm.. Arh TO HELL WITH IT! I'm leaving.
<TenMinJoe> People say that the shorter grass doesn't contribute to hayfever as much, but I used to kind of like hayfever. Also, with the longer grass, you could hide in it. It was great.
<loquacious> "...no BBC licence found..."
<RalphyK> crime scene photo is next weeks caption competition
<AnBolb> This place reminds me of my bedroom when my mom tidied it up
<RalphyK> "TenMinJoe was found dead this week in his seedy flat, the body undiscovered for several months. But what's being said?"
<loquacious> "I knew those Danes were kinky, but what the fuck is this all about?"

The Acceptance Speech

As given to e2nordic, in response to liveforever's nomination of ourselves as Serbo-Croatian Speaker of the Year 2004.

The transscription below contains a few linguistical oddities and typos. These have been preserved for reasons of truthfulness to the original presentation and for humorous effect.

Ahh YES liveforever! Thank you! Thank you! We proudly accept this not entirely unexpected nomination for serbo-croatian speaker of the year 2004. As you know from our earlier work, our approach can be best described as unilateral.

Our policy shall remain as such during our candidature. And when the will of the people has resulted in elected, you shall find that action will be put behind the rhetoric.

It is obvious to everyone that all previous speakers has displayed a complete lack of ability to inspire the commoners to action, and in dealing with that matter we shall not deviate in our determination and the determination of the people.

The determination of the people is after all what will finally save our great nation from the barbarical hordes that has uttered disrespect of our candidature. Let it be known that henceforth, no such abominal profanity shall be tolerated,

and in effect our displeasure will be felt in the most excruciating way.

In ending, we again thank the people for this nomination, since after all, what is liveforever really but a mere conduit, a plain canal, a tunnel of expression of the will of our beloved citizens. We shall see you again at the inauguration. Fare well and walk with uprightness..

Or you can just walk, whatever pleases us..