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Title Ease of writing Fun of writing Comments
ICCF numeric notation Very easy Meh Why did no one node this before?
The Pomodoro FAQ Medium Medium I had been wanting to write my own FAQ textfile for some time. This is far from my best work, but it will do.
Who took my beer and gum? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Medium Fuck yes! This idea came to me after reading the notice that inspired it and was writ in a single sitting. I don’t think I’m a good fiction writer, but there’s times like this when I enjoy it immensely
Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Medium Medium I know this topic by feel because I took part in it, but I had to make research a bit more than I anticipated
Morse sequence Easy Meh I translated the Wikipedia article to Spanish a few years ago, after a YouTube video I saw. It’s a very interesting sequence, I’m partially surprised no one noded about it before.
Reventure Below medium Eh I enjoyed the game, but only up to a point and then it became a chore. After finishing, I decided i’d get as most fun as possible from it, and writing a node counts.
How to write about colors? Hard Little It’s hard for me to write about my feeling of “being a foreigner” in E2. I know that this being the internet means there’s no real nationality here, but there is an imbalance of language and as such an imbalance of representation of cultures. This, of course, is not by malice, but an unfortunate consequence of this being an English site. The fact that I get more readers here in English than in my “home places” in Spanish means I get more eyes in a foreign language than I’d like to get in Spanish.
Rubber duck debugging Easy Funny! I’m very much an amateur when it comes to programming. I started learning it seriously to fill up time at my horrible job back in 2012 and now I’ve written code for academic purposes. I cannot call myself a “pro”, but I’m definitely not a beginner anymore. I learned about this technique through reddit and never thought it was standard. Moreover, after practicing it, it amazes me that it’s not more popular
November 6, 2020 Easy, but harder than the actual code Funny! See the above. I learned to program doing toys like this, and now I’m an intermediate user. It’s strange.
n00b Easy A bit infuriating This was initially a very long winded rant on people who just want the answers. I refrained and instead tried to channel my inner hacker
Minimal Working Example Medium None Another “why wasn’t this noded before?” writeup. This one was also part of a larger rant about LaTeX users and n00bs. Please take it to mind the next time you ask for help about your code.
Do I require an identity? Medium-hard Medium I really don’t know why I wrote it. Even though I was there at the start, I’m very much not part of Tumblr culture and associated ideas/memes (like “snowflakes who demand you to address them in preferred and strange pronouns”). I don’t know how much of it is exaggeration, how much of it is “Social Justice War/Warriors” and how much of it is true advancement of new ideas in society at large. But I wanted to express my point of view on how this is not all about me, or you, or any one person. I still fear I screwed up in some way and reckoning will come years from now.
"What *should* we be worried about?"; or how too many cooks make a statistically average soup Easy (but hard to transcribe) Yes, some fun I started reading the book when I was going through a depressive episode a few months ago, so I tried mustering up my inner cinic to somehow deflect the negativity inherent to the topic. It partly worked. I started taking notes, originally to talk about how wrong some predictions are, but later on I started to actually reflect on the topics presented beyond their actual outcome. Those reflections will most likely never make it here, they’re too personal, but I wanted to share the overall feeling of reflecting on what other people worry about.
The drunkard and the lamplight Easy Mild Studying a Masters in “Hard” Science has only helped me further my understanding of how science actually works (as well as seeing how disconnected “Science” can be from the “common man”). The idea of using just a few things that work regardless of how well they fit is pandemic to most sciences and even pseudosciences. I hope I can help fight this a bit with this writeup.
An oversimplified explanation of Neural Networks Easy, except for the ASCII LOTS! I had had this idea tumbling around in my head for more than a year, given that it’s tangentially related to my thesis. I wanted to have some sort of “science fair” where I could explain this, but alas such opportunity has never materialized. Instead, you get this.
Ven a mi casa esta navidad Easy, yet hard A bit This carol hits me hard, even in years without a pandemic. This writeup has also been making the rounds in my head for a while now. The words just flew from head to keyboard.
November 14, 2020 Easy None at all Some nights I manage to fend off The Monster. This was not such a night.
Book of Demons Medium Medium I recall enjoying this game a lot when it came out. I reinstalled it to remember it well, and found myself sinking two more dozen hours into it. It’s an interesting concept and I truly find their concept of “middlecore developing” interesting. I really, really wish these guys will finish their project.
Don’t @ me Easy Fun Now I can’t read declarative sentences and religious texts without thinking of appending this at the end. Thanks raincomplex
1/0 Easy A bit infuriating Just like my Pi FAQ, this came out because of some oft repeated questions in places like Quora and Reddit. One of the worst things about widespread access to the internet is that lots of people don’t use it to actually try and learn but still feel the need to broadcast their radical ideas, unaware that they are neither radical, new, nor useful.
masa Easy Not fun, but not unfunny See my thought above about being a foreigner in E2. This one was a bit infuriating, because it seemed to coincide a lot with the worst gringos’ attitudes I’ve met: people who think they know all about my country and culture just because they learned a word badly. I did feel Schadenfreude when I was told the offending writeup had been nuked.
Rejazz Medium Some I love this song. It’s close to a prayer for me. I wanted to share that idea.
A simple way of constructing (some) magic squares Easy Very funny! This is one of those recreational mathematics that I came across when I was little and amazed some of my nerd friends back in 5th grade. It’s nothing too deep, but still quite fun if you’re into that.
Memorizing text through initials Easy Some Much like the above. I keep these mental curiosities mostly to myself, and only recently I realized I can just post them to the internet!
alambre Easy-hard Fun As mentioned elsewhere, putting up a “traditional” recipe here is not easy, because translating it is more than just looking up the appropriate words in the dictionary. It’s translating cultural nuances, many of which are invisible even to myself, who is embedded in this culture. Hopefully, this is useful for someone.
Not for everyone Medium Eh The actual topic has existed in my mind since 8th grade Spanish, with a wonderful teacher who wasn’t afraid to really challenge our minds when it came to language. She urged us to be critic of ourselves, and she would ask for phrases like this to be banished. I love that woman.
November 26, 2020 Hard None at all Another night when The Monster won
XP inflation Easy Lots! I’ll admit it, it’s a cheap shot at Everything from the past. It’s easy to criticize the past before social media because no one could have ever predicted it and its impact. That said, I think it’s an important topic for us to ponder in 2020 and forward
Final Fantasy and Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough Easy-Medium Some I reread this book because fuck it, this year is shitty enough and I wanted to indulge my nerd mind. This is not the most challenging book I’ve read, but it was fine. Hopefully the summaries will be helpful
Iron Noder in the time of Plague Easy-Hard Some? It’s never easy or comfortable to look into the past, or a mirror, and I did both here. I hope you like what I write