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My Opinions on OpinionQuest Entries

E2D2, take a note:

  1. Not enough buxom ladies and/or tanned manservants exposing their young, tanned bodies to make the moral censors gasp;
  2. Not enough factuals about dinosaurs, 16-bit consoles and speedrunning;
  3. Not enough gratuitous use of academic citations;
  4. Not enough pettiness on hyperlocal matters (like, what’s your subculture’s current drama right now?);
  5. Not enough Boomers complaining about what Millennials are killing;
  6. Not enough Zoomers eating detergent or whatever shit;
  7. Not enough Gen-Xers doing drugs;
  8. Not enough avocado toast, criticism of “the Keto diet” or attacks on the sociopolitical system we’re living through vis-a-vis climate change;
  9. Not enough capital-M Manifestos;
  10. Not enough declarations of unhealthy obsession over Hollywood actors/actresses, anime characters or broody protagonists;
  11. Not enough magic;

Please see me after class.