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Bachelor in Paradise is an elimination style Reality TV show that premiered on August, 2014, on ABC. The cast consist of former contestants on the TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The show's host is Chris Harrison, he is also hosts of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison is best known for always saying "The most controversial season ever".

The cast join the show either looking for love, or to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

The show is set on a beautiful tropical island. After the initial casts of around 16 settle in for a week, often quickly pairing up, new cast mates are introduced each week that follows. Date cards are given to two or more cast mates each week, they then pick someone they'd like to go on a date with. This often creates drama when they pick someone who has already been spending time with someone else on the show.

There is a rose ceremony each week. One week the guys will hand out the roses and the gals not getting a rose will have to leave the show, the following week the ladies hand out the roses and so on. There is often a great deal of tension leading up to the rose ceremony as more than one guy/gal wants the rose from the same cast mate.

There is often real drama on the show as former lovers deal with seeing their former love paring up someone else. There have been intense fights between the couples, and other fellow cast members. There have been engagements, and even marriages amoungst the couples.

After Paradise is a show where cast mates and celebrity fans discuss the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Several books have been written about the show including: "Bachelor in Paradise 2 Episode by Episode Spoilers" by author Steve Corbone.