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I'm quitting technology (internet, tv etc.) for a week. I'm assuming I can, because if I couldn't, well that's pretty pathetic.

Even though that is how I kill most of my time, I don't enjoy doing it. I remember when I was 11 or 12 I installed a computer game (Warcraft 3) and spent every waking minute on that game; I just thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I would forget to eat because I was so preoccupied, and when I did I would eat in front of the game. If friends tried to coax me outside I would run them off; I really thought I'd rather be playing that game than doing anything else. Then I went to summer camp for a week, I was way too busy to care about the game but I looked forward to playing it when I got back.

I spent all of about an hour playing it before I realised I simply didn't like it anymore; I couldn't have liked it if I tried.

I'm hoping it will be the same for time-consuming technology. Maybe not, but I'll never know until I give it a try. This would probably be a good New Year's resolution, but I've always thought that anything worth doing on New Years is worth doing now.