"I've never seen anything like that ...in all my years in Vaudeville I have NEVER...THAT’S AMAZING...can we see a little more?"

-- Paul Shaffer

Fans of the Late Show with David Letterman know neo-Vaudevillian Kiva Kahl as the Grinder Girl. The Grinder Girl is one of an odd menagerie of "talent" who are part of a regular Letterman gag called "Will it float?"

The Grinder Girl wears a silver '50s sci fi outfit. On her stomach is a metal plate. Into the metal plate she grinds a buzz saw. This creates a startling shower of sparks. While grinding whirling metal on metal, she grinds her body in a seductive manner. Behold, the Grinder Girl.

Ms. Kahl is a Russian born performer and make-up artist. She seems to have gotten her start doing sideshow acts at Coney Island. She's also part of a performance art group called AntiGravity.