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Regarding ymelup's writeup, it is obvious nonsense to say that the Jewish people are racially pure. As you'd expect from a mostly-segregated population in a diaspora, there are European Jews, there are Yemeni Jews, there Sephardi Jews, there are African Jews (from Ethiopia), and so on. Guess what? Each looks much like the general population in that region of the world. It is not very convincing to claim that a population which includes, among other things, both blacks and whites is "racially pure".

But within each of the subgroups, there are common genetic traits. This too is to be expected from a group which for the most part did not inter-marry. For instance, there are several diseases specifically more common in European Jews.

Regarding the claim that Israel is developing a racially specific biological weapon, one should not believe everything one reads in The Sunday Times (nor confuse it with The Times!). I don't know that it is "easy" to develop a vaccine to any biological weapon you care to devise. I do know that that Arabs also possess considerable genetic variation. The fact that there are traits more common in Jews than in other people does not imply that Jews are more similar genetically to each other than to other groups. And you'd need to be very sure of your genetic similarities before you could build such a weapon. 1% "friendly" casualties are hardly acceptable for this sort of nightmarish (mis-)application; for comparison, Biology is usually done with p values of 5%, and considerably less accuracy.

I know of no expressed genetic polymorphism that is common to all Jews or to all Arabs.. This is important if, as ymelup states, "by studying the difference between, say, Iraqi Jews and Iraqi Arabs, Israeli researchers were able to find traits specific only to the Arabs". Presumably the scary STV (Sunday Times Virus) is specific to people with these specific traits. These traits are shared by an infinitesimal number of Jews, but common to almost all Arabs. And the trigger has to be extremely steady: with many more than 100 million people infected around Israel, there is a slight danger of mutation, no?

Let's just say that beyond finding the idea repugnant, I find the report extremely doubtful. The Sunday Times has reported many things about Israel; some of them are true.