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In Israel, many office canteens will serve qousqous, a popular, cheap and tasty north African dish. Apparently unlike what goes on in Finland, the general population seems unaware of this qousqous conspiracy. This writer stumbled across it by accident several years ago.

Not every canteen offers qousqous. But if a canteen does serve qousqous, it's on a Tuesday. They don't announce it. You don't see a band playing, the flag flying and a huge banner proclaiming ``Qousqous on Tuesday!''. No, they just go ahead and serve it. And it isn't even the only dish!

What is it about Tuesdays? I've been trying to raise public consciousness to this phenomenon over the past few years. Usually, I get blank stares, then people admit I'm right, then they brush it off as meaningless coincidence. Are they part of the qousqous conspiracy, too?

Similar to peasoup every Thursday, apparently. Only it's not every Tuesday, and it's a dark secret. It appears qousqous is more sinister than peasoup.

And why do they call the sauce a soup?