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"Josie and the Pussycats! Long tails and ears for hats.."

A popular 70's Hanna-Barbera cartoon spawned from the Archie comics.

The enormously sexist stories catalog the exploits of a band comprised entirely of women managed entirely by men.


  • Josie - the ring leader. She's got the guy...
  • Melody - drummer. Blond, dumb, the object of male attention
  • Valerie - the only character to break a stereotype by being a smart black woman
  • Alan M - roadie and object of Josie's affection
  • Alexander "Alex" Cabot III - the rich manager of the pussycats. Enormously reminiscent of Shaggy if only because Casey Kasem did both voices
  • Alexandra Cabot - Alex's rich sister. She whines and connives for Alan's attention
  • Sebastian - Alex's cat. She casts spells by stroking his back