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Happy Birthday to me

I arrived at work to find my inbox flooded with e-greetings. They're an obnoxious 'net scourge, but it's the thought that counts eh?

So far my birthday has been ducky. I'm still at work and fully expect mom will show up with a bushel of cupcakes or something ridiculously childish. Though I'll be embarrassed as all get out, I will love every moment of it. Or maybe she won't in which case I can heave a sigh of relief.

After work a bunch of us are gathering at a pool hall downtown. I expect many free drinks. Next I'll be off to a birthday dinner hosted by a couple of outrageous drag queens at a Mexican restaurant. Can you say "head-sized margaritas?" I won't be able to by 8pm tonight...

I don't know what'll happen after that... this is probably fine seeing as I won't be able to remember much of it in the morning (but I think it will involve 80's night at some trashy disco).

Hurray for birthdays!

Oh. I'm 27 in case you're curious.

Happy Birthday to Westly too!