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It pierces me like an arrow most traumatizing,

and my eyes sweep the sky, searching

for an unknown archer who must be too

engrossed in his attacking to feel sympathy.

Your presence I crave like an overcast

sky longing to regain its hue,

and I cry out,

knowing that I am weak,

and letting myself fall.

Every deity looked down at me,

watching a surrendering soul

to whom the others have shown no mercy.


I felt them observing me,

conniving with impassivity

because I deserved the arrow

that has now rendered me vulnerable,

sprawled on the cool ground.


I stopped resisting and

felt the deities become 

appeased, amused

at a weak one who has 

succumbed to their will yet again.

I felt myself trusting them 

with no qualms, and

they finally brought me out of my state.