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Getting the skunk smell out of furry pets is easy, in fact all you need is dish soap, yes ordinary liquid dish soap. Simply wash the furry little critter wish a healthy dose of dish shop, lather and rinse. The skunk smell will be all the way gone, or at the very least very faint. The reason it works is pretty simple as well, skunk smell is transmitted through the oily substance that it sprays; the dish soap breaks down the oil and gets rid of the smell.

However if you happen to have a really furry pet or a very stubborn skunk you can rinse the still slightly smelly creature in a few gallons of white vinegar. After that rinse there will be absolutely no trace of smell. Plus, it's a whole lot easier than the whole baking soda thing and it actually works unlike the tomato juice theory.

As for the dish soap I prefer a biodegradable kind called Planet but if that's not around I have used Dawn and even the cheapest stuff I could find. All of them worked, but as a rule, the better it cleans your dishes the better it works.

Harley Anderson