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The great Austrian brewing tradition brought us many a great beer, some popular ones I will now introduce to you. They were all brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, also known as the Reinheitsgebot.
In Austria, when you order a beer, you usually get half a liter, a "halbe", but you can also order a small beer (0,3 l), a "Pfiff" (0,2 l), or even a "Maß" (1 liter).


  • Villacher
    Excellent example for the typical Austrian Beer, solid in taste and especially popular in the south of the country. During Easter and Christmas holidays, Villacher Festbock is sold, which is stronger than normal Villacher.
  • Stiegl
    A beer from the lovely Salzburg that found popularity in Austria in the late Seventies. Try it when you visit Mozarts birthtown.
  • Hirter
    Probably one of the best, not at all sold in cans, try to get it from the tab if you can.
    Comes in different varieties, such as Hirter Weizen or Hirter Zwickl. Try it.
  • Schleppe
    Those people are better event managers that brewers, but the taste is rather OK.
  • Ottakringer
    Yummy. If you ever have the fortune to visit Vienna in summer, than stop by some Heurigen and ask if the have Ottakringer from the tap. Just great.
  • Murauer
    I shure had a great time with this one. Is the most popular in the province of Styria, where Arnold Schwarzenegger comes from.

Don't drink:

  • Gösser Bier
    Advertized as "Austrias finest beer", it in fact is somewhat awfull. Don't ever attempt to drink it in cans, exept when already drunk.
  • Skol
    "Skol international" is the cheapest beer, available for 39 cent per can. Taste is somewhere between ratpiss and beer powder-flavor.
  • Gambrinus
    Students choice cheap beer I recently made aquaintance with. Taste poor, but a good starter for a park bench session. Don't ever mix it with any smokable herb.
  • Schwechater
    For the hard-stomached only, this beer lets you puke if you are not used to it. My uncle likes it, though.