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OK, so I was away for a little while... something like two or three years, I guess. Well, I guess you're right, that's more than a little while.

Anyway, in that time, I kept the faith for e2 in my own way. A fellow noder, NinjaPenguin (an editor at the time, I believe), had been msg-ing with me on the topic of Arthur Guiterman's Strictly Germ-proof, one of my favorite poets and favorite poems, shortly before I took my temporary leave of the community. NP had mentioned needing the publication date of a particular Guiterman poem and I said I thought that an old book I had growing up had that poem. Unfortunately I had lost the book, but I promised to look for it. And I did. Throughout the years of my absence, I and my family embarked on probably 15 or more searches for the book that involved the complete searching and rearranging of all kinds of things in storage. Finally, just recently, we found the book. I thought that would be the best opportunity to re-join the knowledge quest that was everything2, even though I discovered that I had remembered wrong and my book did not have the needed poem. However, the finding of the book had still been very important to me, as it was such an important book in my memories of my childhood.

Little did I know that I would return to such a different e2. Societies evolve, I understand that. Things just seem to have taken a turn down a different path than I would have expected e2 to go. I'm not going to say it is bad (after all, I've only been back for a few days at the time of this writing), just different. Maybe unsettling. Maybe unsettling can be good, I don't know.

I want to see e2 fulfill its potential. I want to be a part of e2 fulfilling its potential. I want a million dollars. I know I can probably do at least one of these things.

/me misses dem bones
/me misses gritchka
/me misses the old e2

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"I am what I know, he thought, to know is to act. To act is to change what you know. Therefore, to act is to change what you are. If I become something that I am not, am I bound by the rules that made me what I was? And since time is shaped like a jam doughnut, are my actions foreshadowed or disinpredestined and why does the jam always dribble down my chin? If the devil is in the detail is God in the overall plan?" - The Doctor, from The New Doctor Who Adventures: The Also People

"Because in space, no one can smell your breath." - Crow (Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode K11)

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