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Have you ever felt, the winds of time, blowing so strong, that they knock you down, and you fall, into a puddle of regret.
And have you ever felt, the strings of loneliness, wrap around you so tight, that you can scarcely breathe, or even proceed to voice your sadness.
Have you ever lingered, to look out, off the cliff to oblivion, questioning the very ground you stand upon.
Or perhaps lingered there, only to wipe a tear from your eye, whilst struggling to obey, the thoughts you have so long repressed.
How do you feel, upon reading these words, that ring so true to heart.
Do your eyes water, or maybe close, to shut out the reality, that lies so painfully, somewhere deep within your soul.
Know this my darkling... the answer to eternal happiness is truly a reality;
And someday you shall stumble across it, when you least expect to.
But it must be known, that eternal happiness cannot exist alone, for it consists of both good and bad, as does every other thing, within our great universe. And it is only thought that makes all you perceive real... the physical is your own creation, and once your thought has been harnessed, life will become remarkably simple.