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Mmmmm...warm cool basement after a long day of sticky heat - there's nothing better in the world. I'm sitting in my chair, the one with the butt-groove made specially for me, noding away with a smile on my face.

To liven things up I put on some music and turn back to my screen. Not for long, you silly girl! The music hits my ears, pulling me, literally moving my body closer to the CD player. I can't help it, I'm moving now despite my feeble attempts to concentrate on noding. No - no - still noding, still noding, concentrating, yes, that's it, pay attention, good girl, now you can have a cookie - oh god - here it comes again! I don't understand what the hell Bjork is saying but it's making me want to get out of my chair! I'm writing, and writing, now my arm is moving, aaaaaaaand.....I'M DANCING! OH YES I'M DANCING AND IT FEELS WONDERFUL!!!! I AM A GIANT ARM-FLAILING-FOOT-KICKING DEMON! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! STAY OUT OF MY WAY, KITTY, I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER MY EXTREMITIES!

Ooh. Ok. I'm winding down, moving slower. A good thing, too, because my cat was getting frightened. She's cowering in a corner, licking her paws frantically. I comfort her with my now under-control extremities and reclaim my neglected ass-groove. Aaaaah. I feel better. Back to noding.