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Huggormens tid

Nineth novel by author Sture Dahlström first published in 1985.

Karl Andersson from Tango för enbenta is dreaming and thinking in hospital where he ended up after having shot two policemen and in the process received a bullet in the stomach.

When he gets out of hospital he goes to look of the burnt ruins of his former home. The barn still stands and some of his personal belongings have been saved. Among them his accordion.

He decides to rebuild his house, although the local council forbids him to live anywhere else than in the apartment they have choosen for him. They even send him to Stockholm for a large psychiatric examination. In the meantime he continues to secretly rebuild his house.

Karl Andersson also continues with his protests against society. He knocks down a local politician, fills him with vodka and pushes his car into a ditch to simulate an accident. He also rams the local off licence with a digger and looks on as normally law abiding citizens helps themselves while he sneaks away to avoid arrest.

He starts a cross-political party that wants to extinguish all bureaucracy, and in the end get rid of political parties. He continues to live in his rebuilt house and feels content in spite of the world around him.