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I was late for school, and in line with a bunch of other people, waiting for the familiar yellow bus. There was some discussion about being late for a test because not everyone would fit on this bus1,2. To my horror, I noticed that I was wearing shorts3, and rushed inside to change. As is not uncommon in real life, I spaced the real purpose for the trip, futzed around inside, and rejoined the end of the line mission unaccomplished. After being passed by a bus for jocks and cheerleaders4, I had a moment of panic about still being in shorts. My seatmate assured me that it was allowed.


1 - At the RSNA conference in Chicago, my hotel was at the end of the shuttle loop, and I kept getting passed (waiting in the snow) by full bus after bus heading to the morning conferences.

2 - I had an an inservice exam today which was pretty much totally insane: it asked 530 or so questions about stuff that I wasn't even expected to know for another 3 years. As it is used to normalize me with my peers, I still stressed out in a big way.

3 - Shorts were not allowed in my grade school years. Also, I brought mostly shorts on my 1991 European tour and felt like the big tourist dork that I was.

4 - standard misgivings about their special treatment apply