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”Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

John 8:7

Imagine working at the same job for 19 years as a teacher in a well respected school in a so called “liberal city” in America’s heartland. You're well liked and held in high esteem by students and alumni alike.

Now imagine that your mother just died and in her obituary you had the audacity to thank your same sex “partner” for all of the support that she’s shown you during your time together and helping you cope with your recent loss.

Now try to imagine that a lone anonymous parent read said obituary after their kid came home from school and asked them to pray for you and your mom and they turned around complained to the local Catholic diocese that they were "appalled" about your so-called “immoral behavior”.

Then try to imagine that you’d get fired from your job when the diocese contacted your school and demanded your dismissal since your contract contains a loosely worded “morality clause” which they decided to invoke.

Well dear readers, you don’t have to imagine it because it’s true. I happen to know this because it happened recently at my daughter’s high school and while the vast majority of students and parents are against the firing, there’s little they can do other than sign petitions. Students are forbidden from discussing the topic (so much for being on the student council) while on school grounds and there’s now a police officer assigned to full time duty at the school. The principal is also receiving a police escort to and from the school until further notice.

I can only speculate that this rogue parent must have some pretty deep pockets or is otherwise highly connected or in cahoots with senior members of the diocese. I’m sure that there are plenty of other teachers employed by the school that have carried on extra marital affairs, been divorced or, God forbid, used some means of contraception. All of those, under Catholic doctrine are also considered “immoral” and if an investigation were to occur, I’m pretty sure the school would find itself extremely short on staff.

So far, alumni and the general public have been staunchly in favor of reinstating the teacher and there’s an on line petition established for the sole intent of doing so. Many of the alumni have gone so far as to threaten to not provide the school with any more donations until the teacher has been reinstated. I think my kid told me its garnered upwards of 40,000 signatures so far and while I’m not big on asking our user base or casual readers for favors, please take a moment and add your name to the list if you feel so inclined. If you feel even stronger about it, please forward it on to like minded individuals with the same caveats listed below.

You can find it here and if you do decide to take the plunge and wish to comment, please refrain from any profanity or overly emotional comments or threatening language. Take my word for it, it will only make the powers that be dig their heels in even deeper.

Note: If that link doesn’t work please /msg me, I think there’s another one floating around.

Thank you.

borgo & borgette

Update May 27, 2013

The petition I mentioned earlier has now garnered more that 130,000 signatures.