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Aaron Brown is a CNN news anchor. During down time, Brown works as a prime-time investigative journalist. His show, NewsNight with Aaron Brown airs 10 pm Eastern Time. However, CNN turns to Brown as their main journalist during "breaking news and special events." Brown's mainstream breakthrough as a broadcast journalist came during the September 11 attacks. Only half an hour after the first attack on the World Trade Center, Brown began a marathon of news reporting from New York.

He's the jackass with those little round glasses and that damned persistent smirk he keeps up while telling you what to think.

Brown began his run in major television broadcast journalism with ABC in 1991 where he co-anchored World News Tonight. Before that, he worked for KIRO-TV in Seattle. Typical. Before ABC, he had his own radio talk-show in Minnesota, his home state. Isn't that special. During the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in early 2003, Brown left town to participate in a celebrity golf tournament. Classy

Brown has received several awards for his career as a broadcast journalist:

I swear this guy is so annoying. I remember watching the terrorist attacks play out September 11, 2001 and seeing his little smirk. I'm not sure I understand how or why he can keep up that smirk as the world boils and burns behind him. His nickname in and around the CNN community, according to the New York Post is "Arrogant Brown."