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Kim Deal's side-project to The Breeders, originally named Tammy and The Amps, which is a far more interesting name despite (or possibly because of) the fact that nobody in the band is named Tammy (although a Tammy is mentioned in the debut single, Tipp City)

With the previous Breeders lineup on a seemingly permanent hiatus while Kelley Deal is in rehab, and The Amps lineup including at least one other Breeders member (Jim Macpherson on drums), The Amps have gone on to become the new Breeders lineup for the forthcoming album. Just to keep us on our toes.

The one existing album, Pacer, was put out by 4AD (natch) in 1995. The production and general sound of the songs is nice and lo-fi. It's track list is:

  1. Pacer
  2. Tipp City
  3. I Am Decided
  4. Mom's Drunk
  5. Bragging Party
  6. Hoverin'
  7. First Revival
  8. Full on Idle
  9. Breaking the Split Screen Barrier
  10. Empty Glasses
  11. She's a Girl
  12. Dedicated

The band lineup in full is: