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Fight the Bystander Effect
Today we have a noder a la grange, which is lightly seared and battered strips of noder, tossed with fuzzels in a rum-write up sauce, served on a bed of crispy sarcasm. With a biscuit.
Tomorrow manifests and brings the bill - for every kiss and kill, the small and great
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The Stars and Stripes Forever
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So now that he appears to be fled, I'm to confess my longstanding crush on igloowhite. Read his nodes, and you'll understand.

Odd Characters nodes ROCK.

/me misses Hermetic, although I hardly knew him.

Although often lurking around the site, I'm almost never in the catbox. If you wanna say something to/about me, and you'd rather I see it, better use that there blab button. thanks.
Fair Warning: I'm not generally big with the negative reinforcement, but any node that has a break and an update in which the author complains about the rep of his or her writeup makes my downvote finger itch. Christ, either stand by it or change it for the better. What does adding a special whine section do for you?

Nodes Yet to Be Written:
  • Museums of Baltimore
  • Antique Dealer Code
  • The Buffy Cast Member Bios
  • Everything really needs a more complete guide of places you can still see the RHPS the way it was meant to be seen.
  • The Forms of Fiction
  • The Fallacy of Imitative Form
  • Allan Grossman
  • Once Upon a Midnight
  • William Browning Spencer's argument for plot in fiction again. ...awaiting author approval...
  • Steven Dixon
  • Well Officer, Why Don't You Go Suck an Egg
  • Now that I've checked, seems the phrase "Go Suck an Egg" has not been assimilated.
  • Baltimore Stage Lighting
  • Susan Spicer
  • Croakers
  • This book will not kick my ass!
  • Dear me, nobody's noded the Fraggles!

  • The following has nothing to do with your life: