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Dr. Sbaitso was one of the first popular PC voice synthesis programs/personalities. He came packaged with certain soundcards (soundblaster?)

Anyway, to talk like him (and impress every last one of your friends AND attract all sorts of women) you talk like you normally would except inhale instead of exhaling. It takes a little bit of practice because at first you can only talk in small bursts and can't control your pitch/tone for damn but if you walk around mumbling like an idiotic robot for a few days, you can get it down pretty well.

I say "you've got mail" in the voice and everyone laughs, but I don't understand why because the AOL "you've got mail" is a human male voice (isn't it?).

Have fun.

Hint: if nobody's around, you can try it right now! No, there's no reason to feel stupid. Watch, I'll talk like a robot right now with you. *talks like a robot* .. Yomyom