I have been on the run for a few days, but I learned during this process that you cannot run away from yourself.

There were problems with Mr. Goats's body after I electrocuted the absolute fuck out of him. His dark soul jumped out of his body at the moment of death. It was a dark, shadowy, but very confused looking dark soul. It saw my body and my deer in the headlights expression and jumped INTO MY BODY. And now his spirit mingles with mine, making my name Dr. Peter Berhardt Goats Swilling. HE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF WHO I AM. This has caused identity problems for me.

Hello friends, it is your old Friend Behr speaking to you from out of the body of this lying doctor motherfucker (science is NOTHING BUT LIES AS IS DISEASE - FAKE). I am manipulating his GINGERS which is a word I AM SPELLING INCORRECTLY. One word is spelled SWORD.

Pushed him out again. Dr. Peter Swilling with you again. I am staying at an abadoned Howard Johnson's in the Catskills, where I used to do a lot of stand up comendy.

Right now I am trying to convince the host body to help me set up new forced labor camps for the lazy motherfuckers who are leeching off the state. I am thinking about starting a new testicle mill to make clothes cheaper than the Chinese by used FORCED LABORERS WHO WILL BE UNPAID AS IS MY RIGHT TO DO TO THEM DUE TO FIRST AMENDMENT.

Dr. Peter Swilling again. This is my body, so I must take control.

This body is thirty years younger than my previous body. Now all I have to do is eject the host mind and POUR LIQUID GOLD into it. Then I will have TOTAL CONTROL because I am immortal and serve the legions of Hades.

My new psychiatric treatment office will be orange soon. Masks and distancing will be mandated at my office, which is in my basement. We can discuss any PERSONAL PROBLEMS that you have in the safety of my therapy office. I charge $80 per hour but offer a sliding scale in the event that you have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for considering letting me take care of your psychological needs.

Medically yours,

Dr. Peter Swilling