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My lawyers have advised me to say SPOILERS ALTARS although I don't know what it means (legal jargon).

Today I had a date with a lady with glasses. She brought over a bottle of cheap vodka and a DVD of this movie. I am generally not fond of superhero movies as it is depressing to always see the bad guys win in the end despite very good efforts from the good guys. The way they manipulate the storyline so the bad guys end up winning against impossible odds sickens the hell out of me (if I can be honest here). So I would not have agreed to watch this film with this woman unless she agreed that we would have sex after it was over and that she would agree to do other sexual things during the movie. She agreed but she was also drinking vodka straight out of the bottle and would not offer me any. A leaky sore on her lip troubled me anyway so I didn't have much interest in taking a swig (what the internet kids call a drink) from the vodka bottle she brought. I got myself an American pilsner beer out of my icebox and returned to the couch while she put the DVD in.

I had no idea what was going on for the first half of the movie so I had her put her head on my lap and keep her mouth full because she kept trying to explain things to me and that leaky sore thing was not something I cared to look at while she flapped her gums at me. It was very distracting while trying to watch the movie (both the talking and the pus). She stayed busy "down there" as they call it in the high schools of America (home of American made steel) while I tried to maintain interest in this very confusing movie.

It began to perk my interest at the point where it appears the bad guys are actually going to lose this time. This big, strong, dominating good man is taking steps to balance the universe and the bad guys are flying around in strange outfits from some circus (probably to maintain what is called low profile or keeping your profile low). Things are looking good for the good guy and his good plan and I dared not get my hopes up once again. I watched too many Bond movies where that asshole escapes his just punishment to even care about it any longer. She was getting near finishing me off "down there" when the strong manly man's plan succeeds! The good guys win!

I recommend this movie for people who have longed for a superhero movie with a happy ending. There are tragically very few of them.

Three out of four stars because of the stuff in the first half I didn't understand and wasn't explained to me in detail.