This is something you only want to do after first taking and abundance of caution.

Let us talk about that for a moment. Let us talk about an abundance of caution. You want to take this before taking drastic steps. An ambundance of caution. Take it. I recommend it. End of story.

Now, before calling the government, why don't we see if there are other steps you could take first. These steps would involve an abundance of caution. We talked about this in the previous paragraph. Did you miss it? What steps can we take?

  1. Verify
  2. Abundance of Caution
  3. Get government numbers
  4. Make sure pets and elderly relatives are okay before making the call
  5. Be sure that your neighbor is Frankenstein's monster before calling

Now, you have taken steps at this point and you feel you are ready to call the government. Let us discuss the procedure. You get the numbers for the government first. Then you put them into the phone or other technological device used for making calls. You place the call to the government. And you say, "I am certain, even after an abundance of caution, that my neighbor is Frankenstein's monster." Then let the government take it from there. They may dispatch different agents from different agencies. My friend Agent Mulder, who now primarily engages in elf foot sex, used to look into these matters from time to time. They have other agents.

Sit back and drink a cold one. The problem will soon be solved.

Thank you. Stay safe and bless you all.